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After a Jillian Michael's bodyshred high interval class.

After a Jillian Michael’s bodyshred high interval class.


I spent last Friday and Saturday attending the annual fitness conference appropriately dubbed MANIA (many exclamation points here!!!).  I always come back with a combination of bite sized, immediately useful nuggets of information along with new research which is changing the way we should be doing things. I will focus future blogs on the new and important discoveries.  Right now, I’d like to share some industry trends about which I’m very excited.  So,  here is, in no particular order, some news you can use right away!

  • Training your core in traditional prone or supine positions has fallen out of favor. It is better to train your core in a standing position, while reaching, balancing, rotating and using upper and lower body muscle groups at the same time.
  • Since our body composition is 65% water, it’s important to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout, in order to keep muscles flexible, fascia loose, and recovery quicker.
  • Fitness trends are leaning toward targeted, prescriptive exercises for various dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • People are leaving the big box fitness centers, and moving toward smaller, more boutique brands because of personalized attention to their needs.
  • Although high intensity interval workouts are still popular, people want both mind and body incorporated into their exercise routines.
  • Recovery is just as important as the actual workout.  In the process of stressing our bodies through exercise, we create micro-tears in our muscles, which need rolling, stretching and time to recover from soreness.
  • New technology, both wearable (Fitbit and heart rate monitors) and apps on smartphones, continues to surge in popularity. Beyond apps like Fitnesspal, Fitnessbuddy, and Dailyplate, new technology is taking the guesswork out of the caloric and nutritional make-up of foods.  For example, is an app that not only determines the amount of calories we consume, but also the composition of carbs, protein and fat in our diet.
  • High intensity interval training,  (30-60 seconds of all-out cardio alternating with 90 seconds of less intense cardio) is gaining in popularity because you can work out for shorter periods of time with high efficacy.
  • Moving in all planes, not just forward and backward, but also sideways and rotationally is important because that is how we move functionally.
  • Count all muscles as part of your “core” because we are connected from head to toe with fascial bands and slings that both limit and may facilitate body movement when properly trained.

Nutritionally, be sure to do the following:

  • Get your omega 3 oils through frequent consumption of wild caught salmon, sardines, mackerel, or anchovies (yum, not so much) or 1-2 tbs a day of fish oil- this lowers cortisol levels as well overall inflammation. Some research shows that consumption of fish oils through diet is more effective.
  • Reduce or try to eliminate sugar consumption, as it’s very inflammatory, tampers with insulin resistance. You’ll also reduce or eliminate your cravings for sweets.
  • Chow down on green leafy vegetables as all the experts agree on the importance of consuming these.
  • Fiber is essential component of your diet, as it helps regulate the flora in your gut and keeps your colon healthy.

If you have questions about any of the above information, I’m happy to discuss them. Stay tuned for more information regarding the latest research to keep you up-to-date and healthy!

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