Be Fit For Life

with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

Is there an optimal amount of weekly exercise that will enhance longevity?

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artichokes, wine and other Italian specialties

Piazza Navona sculptures

           Piazza Navona sculptures

 Coliseum in Rome

                 Coliseum in Rome

In front of a bridge in Rome

        In front of a bridge in Rome

Facade of El Duomo in Siena

               Facade of El Duomo in Siena

ceiling of El Duomo in Siena

scene through alley toward Campo Del Fiore in Siena

at Il Canto Del'Arbia, our bed and breakfast outside Siena

Civita Bagnoreggio in Tuscany, an ancient medieval city accessible only by footbridge

I can’t resist posting some pictures from Rome and some other-worldly spots in Tuscany. It was a wonderful trip and much as I’d like to find a tie-in with today’s featured blog post, jet lag prevents me from doing so.

So, on to some results from two studies that showed the link between a specified amount of exercise each week and longevity. As you may know, the minimum recommended amount of weekly exercise is 150 minutes. These two studies came to a similar conclusion that exercising for more than 150 minutes a week confers a major reduction in mortality rates, particularly when vigorous exercise makes up at least one third of this amount. If you perform vigorous exercise more than one third of the time, even greater health benefits result.

Anyone who is physically capable of activity should try to “reach at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week and have around 20 to 30 minutes of that be vigorous activity” states Klaus Gebel, a senior research fellow who led the second study.  For more details, check out the latest research from this article.

Here’s to living a long, healthy, active life!

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