Be Fit For Life

with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

Need inspiration? Check out this amazing people !

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Who doesn’t love an ” against the odds” story?  People of all stripes continue to inspire me with their will, determination and “can do” attitudes.

In my practice, I frequently encounter people who say ” I used to be fit, but ever since …” (fill in the blank). Whether it’s a knee, hip, or back, there’s no end to the injured or sore body parts that prevent people from keeping a consistent exercise routine. People say they’re too scared to exercise for fear they’ll aggravate the situation. Many people go from being their ideal weight, feeling fit and energetic to being more sedentary, overweight and feeling stiffer. Some people I see who have chronic conditions actually fare better than people who have acute or mild injuries. They know strength training and the correct exercises will make them stronger and able to maintain or improve their abilities. In the words of one my clients with a chronic condition, “If I let my painful, tight hip flexors prevent me from walking and strength training, then I get weaker, stiffer, and still have painful and tight hip flexors!”  Some conditions and pain may persist, but it’s best to figure out ways to work around them. At some point, your limitations will become mere inconveniences. It’s important to realize that the psychological and emotional effects of an injury are often more limiting than the actual physical injury. When you allow limitations to determine your behavior, your world gets smaller, you become less active and have less fun. However, if you’re determined, you can maintain your cherished activities and lifestyle, but you may have to be creative along the way.

I loved these stories, as they serve as a reminder what the human spirit can overcome.

What do you need to do to inspire yourself today?

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