Be Fit For Life

with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

If you can walk and talk at the same time……….

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The benefits of moving just keep accumulating.  A new study looks at how productivity and creativity are increased after walking. Yes, that’s right, walking, not running, cycling, swimming, or any other intense form of cardio exercise. This is great news, because there are so many different ways to work this into every day life. Any time you have a task that demands some extra cognitive power, you can feel confident that moving in almost any way will enhance your brain’s functioning.   A result from this study I found surprising was that no appreciable difference was found when walking indoors or out. My heart sings when I’m outside- (OK, this past winter had many days of notable exceptions). But in general, I would think that the fresh air enhances the effect. But nope, walkers had the same creative boosts whether they walked outdoors or on the treadmill. To learn about more details, check out this article:

One doesn’t have to raise their heart rate by much to show the benefits. The new interest in walking desks has recently been supported by many studies. In one University of Minnesota study, employers saw a 10% increase in productivity when workers used a treadmill desk. For the full study, check out this article:

If you don’t see a treadmill desk in your future, there are so many ways to incorporate exercise into your work day.  Take frequent breaks from sitting, use the stairs whenever practical, use your lunch break for that brisk walk. Even commuters can add more exercise by varying their route.

So start moving and let that creativity flow!


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