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with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

Shivering as exercise? Too good to be true!

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Snowbird, Alta, Park City

We just came back from a great week of skiing in Snowbird, Alta and Park City, Utah. I’m relieved that I although we had our share of face plants (mostly Jeff and I, the kids had fewer than we did) we all emerged intact! I think we got more snow in Newton than we got in Park City last week, but we still enjoyed some fresh powder on a few of the days. Although I love skiing, both x-country and alpine, summer is by far my favorite season, followed by fall, spring, then winter. After coming home to an iced over sidewalk, walkway and driveway, I began to ponder what else was good about winter! After shoveling out, I came upon this study about shivering as exercise- then it began to make sense why are appetites were bigger than usual this past week, as we spent most of it outside skiing and staying warm. 

Although most of us have the layering and full-length down jacket dressing down-pat, sometimes we find ourselves experiencing a drop of 30 degrees or more within a span of a day or two. Unless you’re a wunderground junkie, you may not have expected it. For those times, you may find yourself shivering during a long walk or a wait outside. The good news is that shivering can burn many calories and speed up your metabolism. Far be it from me to suggest that you substitute shivering for exercise, but next time you find yourself in that untenable situation, think of the bright side- you may be burning many more calories than if you were warm and comfortable!

Check out this article to learn more.

That being said, we’ll continue our outside exercise class on Fridays, even when the temperature dips below freezing, as long as it’s out of the single digits. A few weeks ago we had a fun adventure x- country skiing, which is an excellent calorie burner, especially on those uphill climbs! March is almost here- warmer days to come!

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