Be Fit For Life

with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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Now that Thanksgiving is past, and we have yet another month of festivities , I thought it made sense to look at ways to enjoy all the offerings of the season without feeling deprived. This news article examines how staying very active and exercising more may help counteract some of the negative effects of abundant consumption.

It seems that people who worked out more intensely and frequently to counteract their “energy surplus” (read calorie surplus) were able to minimize the undesirable metabolic effects that go along with consuming too many calories. The caveat is that there’s a tendency to consume way more calories  thinking the extra workout will take care of the excess. The participants in this experiment worked out at a moderate intensity for 45 minutes daily on a treadmill. We’re talking some serious commitment here to make these physiological changes happen. Go to to read the whole article.

Here are some of the major findings in a nutshell:

If you add 45 minutes or so a day of moderate intensity exercise, you can change the accompanying undesirable effects of consuming too many calories.

If you don’t do this, at least it may cause you to think twice about eating that extra piece of pie or having that extra drink!

Food for thought!

Happy holidays all, and enjoy your goodies, but stay active! Who says you can’t have your cake (subliminal suggestion walk, run, ride) and eat it too!

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