Be Fit For Life

with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

An apple a day……….

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What a magnificent weekend! Today was the perfect day to be outside. We had a gorgeous bike ride through Weston, Concord, Wayland, and Sudbury. We then went apple-picking at Honeypot Orchards and chomped on great Macs and Cortlands. What does this have to do with health? See the article below- turns out an apple a day DOES keep the doctor away…sort of. Check out the article about how “white fruits” may have the effect of lowering risk of stroke by 9%. Here’s the article

Also, here’s a few great ways to enjoy fresh apples-

1. eat them raw

2. combine them with greek yogurt for breakfast for a great protein/carb combination that will keep you feeling full for hours

3. Make some low-cal apple crisp, using just apples, lemon juice, and for the topping, a small amount of brown sugar combined with flour, smart balance spread, oats, walnuts or pecans- check out these amazing apple recipes from cooking light. I like the apple celery cole slaw recipes and the apple parsnip soup. Now I know what to do with my 20 lbs of apples we picked today!

4. Take about 5 peeled apples, boiled them down on stovetop, add some cinnamon for some great homemade applesauce

Also, I promised last week to tell you how I am trying to do things better and more productively. I am embarking on an “Ellen needs to get more computer literate” campaign that has me going to the Apple store to genius bar appointments to make communications and updates easier. There’s a lot of free training and many apps that can actually make life easier instead of more complicated. I’ll keep you posted of any earth-shattering things I discover if you have an iphone, iPad or Macbook.

A new feature I’ll be adding is a brief review of any theatre we go to as many of you like to see plays. I’ll keep you updated. This past Wednesday, at Trinity Theatre in Providence, we saw an amazing rendition of “Grapes of Wrath”. The play combined original music from talented Brown University MFA students who performed on stage at various intervals during the play, which made for a very engaging performance.  Exceptional acting, great music and a gut-wrenching ending made this play riveting.  I highly recommend this production!

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