Be Fit For Life

with Ellen Cohen-Kaplan

Summertime- a great season to be active!


Views over the Columbia River Gorge

Views over the Columbia River Gorge

What a fantastic 10 days we just had out in Oregon and Vancouver! If any of you would like to take a trip that includes panoramic views, delicious farm fresh food, a wide variety of wine, friendly and interesting people, a more laid back pace and lots of great outdoor activities, these are 2 great places to go. Some highlights of our trip can be seen in the pictures enclosed. We biked 8 out of our 10 days away, through Portland, the Willamette Valley, the Columbia River Gorge, and Vancouver. The other 2 days we hiked 2 mountains,- Whistler in British Columbia (about an hour and half from Vancouver) and Grouse Mountain, which is right in North Vancouver. Both climbs reminded us we have muscles we rarely use!

I’ll let the pictures tell the story, but I’m happy to share some great places to stay and visit if you ever decide to make the trip to the great Northwestern part of the USA, and British Columbia in Canada. 

Jeff and I realized that one of the reasons this trip was so gratifying is that we spent time seeing the unique things and meeting the people who give these areas so much character. I’m so glad certain things can’t be outsourced, such as experiences, topography and the quirkiness of the people in the places visited.

Another observation is that regardless of how much (extra) food we ate, because we were biking or hiking several hours a day, we stayed about the same weight. There’s an interesting article about how the time spent specifically in working out is important, but just as important is how active you are for the rest of the hours in the day.

Check out the full article at : There’s one sentence from this article that sums it up well: So as you plan your daily activity routine, remember that cutting down on “sit time” may be just as important as increasing “fit time.”.
You may be thinking, “She never lets up! It’s not enough that I go to classes, and try to walk every day.” Of course at some point, you have to sit to work, or do errands, or manage your finances, etc. Of course, these are essential activities. The fact remains- the more you can work in regular, routine physical activity into your days, the more benefit you’ll reap.
to your health!
oregon Vancouver 2013_20130706_1523
Near the top of Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver after the Grouse “Grind”, a 3000 foot vertical climb of 1.8 miles, 1.5 hours and gallons of sweat!
oregon Vancouver 2013_20130628_2106
The Eola Hills on the way to Silverton, Oregon, snow covered Mount Hood in the background
oregon Vancouver 2013_20130629_2064
Country roads… the Willamette Valley on the way to Silverton, Oregon
oregon Vancouver 2013_20130705_1696
Views from the top of Whistler Mountain, British Columbia-there were still some skiing the glacier!

2 thoughts on “Summertime- a great season to be active!

  1. I sent Facebook message FYI my number is 9789790369 if u want to go for sail text or call
    like your blog I live that way and eat that way…….. good livin 😉

    • Hey, I didn’t see this till just now. I figured you live and eat that way. I’d love to go sailing or see you sometime this summer. After the PMC works better for me- crazy till then. I’ll call you soon.

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